Sunday, December 16, 2018
Unleashing The Power of Dairy Ingredients

ADPI is one of the leading associations representing the manufactured dairy products industry. A solid foundation built upon strong values, a sense of mission and a clear strategy positions ADPI to achieve a bold visionTo Be The World’s  "Go-To" Authority on Dairy Ingredients.

ADPI's singular focus is to increase the worldwide use of dairy-based ingredients.  ADPI members manufacture and market the majority of the milk-based and whey-based dairy ingredients produced in the United States. These products are in great demand across the world, as consumers recognize the benefits of high quality dairy proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and other dairy components in their diet.

May 05 - May 07, 2019

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ADPI members include companies and organizations that span the globe and operate in virtually every sector of the manufactured dairy products industry.