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ADPI's vision is to be the go-to authority for dairy ingredients.

ADPI’s focus is to increase the global use of dairy-based ingredients and related products. As a national trade association, ADPI and its members represent the entire supply chain of producing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing the majority of milk-based and whey-based dairy ingredients that fulfill consumer demand domestically and internationally.

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ADPI Releases Two New Ingredient Standards

Edible Acid Casein & Infant Formula Grade Whey Protein Phospholipid Concentrate Standards are added to the ADPI LibraryADPI is pleased to announce Ingredient Standards for ...
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2023 ADPI Event Sponsors

ADPI recognizes our member companies who are supporting ADPI-hosted events throughout 2023 through our Sponsorship Program.

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The strength of the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) lies in its members. Membership in ADPI provides value-added to your company and team through building relationships with industry colleagues while advancing the use of dairy ingredients in the food and beverage industry. It is…

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