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Centennial Celebration

ADPI Through the Decades

“There is, in short, no other food available in which one can purchase for 5 cents – all the calcium, all the phosphorus, ¾ of the protein, ¼ of the iron, probably all of the Vitamin B and some of the Vitamin C, and ¼ of the total calories needed by an adult man for one day.”

Since 1923, the American Dairy Products Institute, and its predecessor organizations, have served the dairy ingredients industry by providing technical and commercial support. Taking on the large complex questions and opportunities of standards, product names, government oversight, production, and industry response when it was needed the most.

ADPI’s vision is to be the go-to authority for dairy ingredients, and increase the use of dairy ingredients worldwide through supporting our member organizations. Providing training, consulting, and the simple act of a voice on the phone when a question needs an answer. The growth we foresee is monumental, and ADPI is poised to serve the future of the dairy ingredients industry and all who produce, manufacture, sell, and transport.

Bringing people together. Paving the way for the best products and best work to come.



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