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ADPI Through the Decades

Established | 1923

Founding Companies

  • Carnational Company
  • Nestle’s Food Company
  • Oatman Condensed Milk Company 

The Evaporated Milk Association was organized by the Midwest Division of the Milk Section of the National Canners Association. It’s Articles of Association were finalized on June 26, 1923.

Established | 1925

A group of eighteen dry milk manufacturers came together with the purpose of establishing a national trade association to serve mutual needs and interests for the development and growth of a dry milk industry.

The American Dry Milk Institute held its first gathering in October 1924 at the National Dairy Show in Milwaukee, WI, and included dry milk manufacturers. On June 3, 1925, ADMI was formalized and thus kicks off its first year and hosted its first Annual Meeting.

Founding Chairman
C. Earl Gray (Served as chairman from 1925 -1944)

Founding Executive Director
Roud McCann (Served 1925-1949)

Dry Skim Milk

Initially, the product of “dry skim milk” was called “97% Food Solids.” Later, in 1944, it would be changed to “Nonfat Dry Milk Solids.” In the 1920s, manufacturers of dry skim milk were working directly with the baking industry. The addition of dry skim milk in bread was found to improve the texture, the flavor, the eye appeal, the nutritive assets and the keeping quality of bread. A baker on the south side of Chicago was persuaded to use dry skim milk instead of whole milk in his breads, and included a card and info inserts with every loaf he sold.  The bakery shop’s bread sales soared by 33% in just a few short weeks.


By 1929, Annual Meetings hosted by the American Dry Milk Institute focused on expanding the use of dry skim milk in baking and animal feeds, and increasing the quality of the product.

Try out some of these recipes from 1926 featuring 97% Food Solids.



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