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ADPI Through the Decades

A Decade of Inflation


  • Casein becomes a hot topic once again, most notably always in difficult economic times.
  • As whey products continued to grow, they actually start to compete with the use of nonfat dry milk.
  • A massive drought and heat wave in the Midwest and the South caused billions of damage to agriculture.


Due to continued inflation and large U.S. government budget cuts, the school food program no longer purchases millions of pounds of butter, cheese, and nonfat dry milk that was given to schools at no cost, creating an overabundance of supply in the marketplace.


The 1982 Annual Meeting was hosted by the organizations of the American Dry Milk Institute, the Whey Products Institute, the American Butter Institute, and the National Cheese Institute collectively for the first time.


  • The use of lactose as a sweetener was approved.
  • President Reagan declared June to be National Ice Cream Month.

Established | 1986

The American Dry Milk Institute merges with the Whey Protein Institute to form the American Dairy Products Institute.


The Evaporated Milk Association merged with ADPI.

A Surplus of Cheese & Dairy Products



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