Thursday, December 12, 2019

“Where The Dairy Industry Does BusinessTM

Our History


The American Dairy Products Institute was formed in April 1986 through a merger of the 61-year-old American Dry Milk Institute (ADMI) and then Whey Products Institute (WPI). In April 1997, we expanded the scope of the organization by further merging with the Evaporated Milk Association. ADPI's efforts today build upon nearly 95 years of work and encompasss all types of dairy ingredients and manufactured dairy products.


Now organized as a single body, ADPI serves the needs of its members by:

   • Promoting our industry's image and enhancing its growth and development
   • Assisting members with technical, educational, statistical and market related matters.
   • Harmonizing standards relating to manufactured dairy products.
   • Promoting the dairy products processing industry and its products through relations with affiliated industry organizations
      and applicable government bodies.
   • Providing a strong, effective voice for the manufactured dairy ingredients and products industry.


ADPI effectively accomplishes these tasks through its committees and task force structure, by leveraging its member's collective experience, knowledge, cooperation and the guidance of its member industry leaders.