Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Our History

The American Dairy Products Institute was formed in April 1986 through a merger of the 61-year-old American Dry Milk Institute (ADMI) and the 15-year-old Whey Products Institute (WPI). In April 1997, we expanded the scope of the organization by further merging with the Evaporated Milk Association. In fact, ADPI's efforts today build upon nearly 90 years of work.

Early Efforts

The ADMI, started by 18 dry milk manufacturing firms in 1925, served and promoted the growth of an infant dry milk industry and sought to accomplish goals unattainable by any individual firm. ADMI members made significant progress and counted achievements in such important areas as improvement in product quality, uniformity of composition and consistent functionality to provide highly desirable commercial and consumer dry milk products.


The Introduction of Whey Processing

In 1971, a meeting to discuss the formation of a national trade association to represent a developing U.S. whey processing industry was attended by 102 individuals representing 56 cheese manufacturing and whey processing firms, industry friends and observers. From that forum came the beginnings of the Whey Protein Institute (WPI). The primary objectives set for WPI were: to develop quality and product identity standards as a guide for producing high-quality food and feed ingredients; expand the uses of whey through research and promotion; assure product acceptance by users and consumers; and collection and distribution of information and statistics to further the goals of the association. The goals of WPI, altered through the years by economic conditions and advances in agricultural and food science technology, served to advance the industry through the initial, highly critical years of its organization.

ADPI Today

Now organized as a single body, ADPI serves the needs of its members by:
   • Promoting the industry’s image and enhancing its growth and development.
   • Assisting members with technical, statistical and marketing matters.
   • Harmonizing standards relating to manufactured dairy products.
   • Promoting the dairy products processing industry and its products through relations with affiliated industry organizations and applicable government bodies
   • Providing a strong, effective voice for the manufactured dairy products industry.

ADPI accomplishes these tasks through its committee structure and relies extensively on the experience, knowledge, guidance, cooperation and commitment of industry leaders to ensure the continued success of the organization.