Wednesday, April 24, 2019
ADPI Key Activities & Strategic Initiatives
    • ADPI hosts top flight meetings and seminars to help promote the industry, build relationships, expand the knowledge base and most importantly, provide the perfect environment for conducting business:
                • The ADPI Annual Meeting in Chicago each April draws over 800 attendees from around the world.
                • Additional events hosted by ADPI also include:
                       • Dairy Ingredient Seminar
                       • Technical Symposium
                       • Risk Management Seminar
                       • Global Cheese Technology Forum 
                       • International Whey Conference

    • ADPI  is the leader in developing dairy ingredient product standards and specifications that are used globally:
                • Bulletin 916, “Standards for Grades of Dry Milks Including Methods of Analysis”
                • Bulletin W-16 “Whey & Whey Products – Definitions, Composition and Standard Methods of Analysis”
                • Scorched Particle and Color Standards

    • ADPI builds member relationships by offering several methods of member communication. The ADPI website and electronic newsletter supplies members with informative content that is always fresh and timely

    • Current task forces working on standards for MPC/MPI, Permeate, Low Spore Count Milk Powder and updating Bulletin 916 and W-16

    • ADPI provides a comprehensive analysis of the annual production and utilization of dairy-based ingredients by conducting a survey of our members

    • An ADPI task force is working on improving the method of product price discovery so that it more accurately reflects true market conditions
    • ADPI recently launched a new “Center of Excellence” with a core of eight seasoned, industry professionals capable of providing support to members across a wide range of disciplines

    • An ADPI task force is developing the “ADPI Academy” which will produce and distribute short training videos for members to use to educate employees, customers and suppliers