Tuesday, November 13, 2018
WEBINAR: Dairy Oligosaccharides - Types, Amounts and their Dairy Ingredient Market Potential




WHEN: December 6, 2018

TIME: 2:00 pm EST

We are facing one of the greatest challenges: feeding a growing world population while at the same time, reducing our impact on the environment and decreasing the incidence of diet-related chronic diseases. This challenge can only be met by building a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of food through research and bringing this knowledge to practice through innovation.
Particular attention is focused today on new functional ingredients able to modulate the composition of the human gut microbiota. This presentation will discuss some examples to show how co-products from the dairy industry may be valorized, particularly regarding the naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharides. 
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Sponsored by: Vitalus Nutrition, Inc.


Daniela Barile
Department of Food Science and Technology, UC-Davis

Daniela Barile is a Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis. Her research, focused at the nexus of food, health, and the environment, aims to understand food bioactive compounds formation, their recovery from milk and food production side streams, and their specific interactions within the human body. The analytical platform that she set up, based on mass spectrometry, allows investigating a range of relatively untapped waste streams from food processing to extract valuable, healthful bioactive compounds, such as oligosaccharides and bioactive peptides. Her capacity to translate basic research findings to actual practical value is of significant relevance, thanks to a network of 25 food industries that routinely collaborate with her lab.

The highly collaborative aspect of her research is evidenced by the publication, during the past 5 years, of nearly 70 manuscripts in leading peer-reviewed food science journals and specialized books, which have already been cited over 1850 times (i10-index 40). Dr. Barile actively participates in organizing national and international conferences, as well as serving on various review boards and advisory panels. Recently, she was nominated “Chancellor’s Fellow 2017”, an award given to outstanding faculty members producing groundbreaking research and scholarship early in their careers. Daniela is also a co-founder of Evolve Biosystems, a startup dedicated to developing the next generation of products to restore a healthy gut microbiome in newborns. ”



Pamela Ambriz
Director of Product Strategy and Development
Vitalus Nutrition, Inc.

Pamela Ambriz is a Food Industry professional with 22 years of experience in different functional areas. She has international and domestic experience in R&D, product development and innovation, operations, supply chain & technical sales. Pamela is the Director of Product Strategy and Development at Vitalus Nutrition Inc. Her main role is to provide leadership to the organization by filling the innovation pipeline for medium- and long-term initiatives. As Director of Product Strategy and Development, Pamela is responsible for the innovation pipeline and she oversees all aspects of the company’s new product development process and product improvement initiatives. She manages the Innovation Development Center and maintains technical and scientific relationships with Universities and Food Technology Centers.

In her current role, Pamela has led the team in the development and commercialization of VITAGOS ™ a dairy based prebiotic fiber and in conjunction with Sales she is working on creating business partnerships with in the nutrition, health and wellness segments of the market both for human and animal feed products.

Pamela holds a B. Sc in Biochemistry Engineering with a minor in Food Science. She also has an Executive General Management Certificate from Sauder School of Business and has a Certificate in Values Based Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Pamela is involved with the Community Innovation Partnership group in Abbotsford and it is also a mentor for Futurpreneur Canada.