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Tuesday, October 24

6:oo pm Welcome Reception


Wednesday, October 25

7:00 am Registration and Breakfast Buffet
8:30 am Welcome
8:30 am

Industry Challenges & Opportunities - Senior Leadership Panel - Cheese Industry Executives discuss opportunitites and challenges


Participants included:

  • Louise Hemstead, Organic Valley
  • Kyle Jensen, Hilmar Cheese Company
  • George Chappell, Glanbia Nutritionals
  • Doug Wilke, Valley Queen Cheese Co.
10:00 am Break
10:30 am

Dairy Ingredients For Cheese


Use of MPC or Micellar Casein as an Ingredient in Process Cheese or in Cheese Milk Extension
- Lloyd Metzger, South Dakota State University


Standardization of Lactose to Protein Ratio and Effect on Quality of Cheese
- John Lucey, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research


Optimizing Microfiltration for Maximum Removal of Whey Proteins
- Steve Beckman, South Dakota State University (Student Speaker)

12:00 pm Lunch and Speaker

New Market Opportunities
- Matt McKnight, USDEC

1:30 pm

Understanding Cheese Microbiology


Understanding How Pathogens Invade Cheese Microbial Communities
- Manon Morin, University of California - San Diego


Roles of Streptococcus Thermophilus in Modern Day Cheese Making and Ripening
- Sylvain Moineau, Universit√© Laval 


Update on Lactobacillus Wasatchensis as a NSLAB Causing Slits and Gassy Cheese
- Craig Oberg, Weber State University 

3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm New Cheese Manufacturing Technologies

The Use of Preacidification When Making Cheese With Membrane Concentrated Milk
- Dean Sommer, WI Center for Dairy Research


Salt Considerations for Cheesemaking
- Janice Johnson, PhD., Cargill, Inc.


Mathematical Modeling of Salt Transport in Cheese Curd
- Meghan Keck, Massey University (student speaker) 

6:00 pm Cheese and Wine Social


Thursday, October 26


7:00 am Breakfast Buffet
8:00 am Whey Processing/Products/Applications

Functionalization of Whey Protein by Reactive Supercritical Fluid Extrusion
- Syed Rizvi, PhD., Cornell University 


Integrating Membrane Processing to Produce Milk Fractions for Making Ideal Whey and Infant Formula
- Dr. Seamus O'Mahony, University of College Cork


Efficiency of Whey Protein Passage during Ceramic Microfiltration for the Production of Whey Protein Isolate
- Brandon Carter, North Carolina State University

10:00 am Break
10:30 am Understanding Cheese Chemistry

Recent Advances in Infrared Analysis of Milk and Cheese
- Dave Barbano, Cornell University


Impact of Cooker/Stretcher Thermo-Mechanical Conditions on Fat and Moisture of Mozzarella Cheese
- Michel Britten, Agri-Food, Canada


Whey Expulsion from Cheese Curd as a Function of Protein Concentration, Temperature and Cut Size
- Donald McMahon, Western Dairy Center

12:00 pm Lunch and Student Recognition
1:30 pm Training/Education/Workforce Development

Participants included:

  • Mark Wustenberg, DMV
  • Bill Graves, Dairy Management, Inc.
  • John Lucey, WI Center for Dairy Research
  • Dr. Seamus O'Mahony, University of College Cork
  • Michael Parella, University of Idaho
  • Phil Tong, ADPI
3:00 pm Close


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