Saturday, February 29, 2020
ADPI Dairy Ingredient Standard Development Process

If anyone in the dairy industry wants to see a standard developed for a dairy ingredient product, they should contact the American Dairy Product Institute (ADPI). ADPI believes that good, relevant industry standards help to build customer and consumer confidence and trust in U.S. produced dairy ingredients.  Standards can help prevent poor quality products or “knock-offs” from gaining a foothold in the marketplace.  According to the FDA, “Food standards maintain the general quality of a large part of the national food supply and prevent economic fraud, thus protecting both consumers and producers.  Without standards, different foods could have the same names or the same foods could have different names.  Both situations would be confusing and misleading to consumers and create unfair competition.”

ADPI has been developing industry standards for dairy ingredient products since 1929.  For many years the institute has published Bulletin 916 containing standards for grades of dry milks and Bulletin W-16 containing whey and whey products standards, and these publications are well known around the world.  The board of directors recently reaffirmed that ADPI should continue to take a leadership role in the development of dairy ingredient standards.   This has led to the development of a more structured, transparent and timely procedure for developing new standards and/or product descriptions for these products.  This process is as follows:

1. The ADPI Board of Directors first has to agree that work should commence on developing a new standard for a dairy ingredient product – and makes this recommendation to the ADPI Standards Committee.

2. This newly formed Standards Committee (comprised of 10 members of the ADPI technical committee and 10 members of the marketing committee) reviews the dairy ingredient and determines what needs to be accomplished (product definition, standard, GRAS, etc.) and assigns it to an ADPI Task Force (4-5 people).  

3. The Task Force will develop a proposed standard for the specific dairy ingredient, which will typically include: product definition; composition; methods of analysis; product labeling; product applications and functionality; storage and shipping; and packaging.

4. Once the Task Force is done with the proposed dairy ingredient standard, it is sent back to the Standards Committee for their approval.  If the Standards Committee determines that the standard needs additional work, they will send the standard back to the Task Force for additional work.  If the Standards Committee agrees with the Task Force’s proposed standard, they will send it to the Board for their final approval.  

5. Once the ADPI Board approves it, then the dairy ingredient becomes an ADPI industry standard. The Board may also consider if they want to pursue a Codex standard or GRAS status for this dairy ingredient.


Several of our members are currently involved on ADPI committees and task forces helping to update existing ADPI milk and whey standards and developing standards for new dairy ingredient products.


ADPI recently completed a standard for Dairy Permeate and is currently working on standards for Concentrated Milk Proteins as well as Whey Protein Phospholipid Concentrate (WPPC).  If anyone would like to serve on an ingredient Task Force, or wants to discuss the need for a new dairy ingredient standard, please contact Dan Meyer ( for additional information.