Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Welcome to the ADPI Academy


ADPI is committed to becoming the world’s premier authority on dairy ingredients. To help realize this vision the ADPI Academy was created to enhance dairy ingredients education and support.   The Academy draws upon expertise in science, manufacturing technology, sales, marketing, and other areas to deliver information and programs through the ADPI Center of Excellence, ADPI Academy Task Force Committee, academia, government, industry and elsewhere.  To learn more about the expertise within the Academy see:  Center of Excellence and ADPI Academy Task Force.

The ADPI Academy provided dairy ingredients education and support via six areas of emphasis:

1.    Center of Excellence – Have a burning question about dairy ingredients?   Need to bounce an idea about how to address a dairy ingredients issue?   A group of seasoned professionals with a wide array of expertise is available to answer questions on a confidential basis 

2.    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) – Gain a sense of key questions and answers pertaining to dairy ingredients.   FAQ is a collection of concise answers to common questions about dairy ingredients sales &marketing, product quality & applications, or manufacture. 

3.    Dairy Intelligence & Commentaries – Want to dig deeper into dairy ingredients topics?  Dairy Intelligence and Commentaries is a collection of white papers prepared by ADPI Center of Excellence members that provide valuable and more expansive information on specific topics pertaining to dairy ingredients sales & marketing, product quality & applications, and manufacturing. 

4.    On-line Education & Training – From the comfort of your own desktop, access on-demand specific modules designed to provide educational materials on defined topics relevant to manufacture, sales and application of dairy ingredients 

5.    Upcoming Education & Training Events – Want to be sure not to miss a key education and training opportunity?   Peruse this site and mark your calendars for the events of interest.

6.    Tech News Bulletin- Stay abreast of the latest developments in dairy ingredients technology through ADPI Tech News Bulletin.  Sign up today!

7.    Key Word Search – Not sure where to find it?   This key word search will look throughout the ADPI website to find information for you.

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