Friday, January 21, 2022
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DCI, Inc.
600 North 54th Avenue St. Cloud Minnesota USA

DCI, Inc., is an employee owned company located in St. Cloud, MN.  We are a custom manufacturer of both shop and field-fabricated stainless steel storage and processing tanks, including silos, processors, starter tanks, whey crystallizers, round horizontal tanks, mix/blend tanks.  
Proudly serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetic, food, dairy, beverage and OEM industries, DCI has remained true to our commitment to quality since 1955 through our design and fabrication services.
Some highlights of our services include:
• ASME, BPE, CE & CRN design.
• Material selection of austentic stainless steel, super austenitic, duplex and nickel alloys such as AL6XN® & Hastelloy®
• Stainless steel surface finishes ranging from #2B mill finish through 12 Ra finish and electropolishing.
• Agitation systems designed for specific application.
• Heat transfer surface designed to heating/cooling requirements.
• Field Service, maintenance and modification programs.
• Sanitary components.
• Factory testing including CIP sprayball and PMI testing.