Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Murray Goulburn Co-operative
(61) 390405552
2 Southbank Boulevard Southbank Victoria Australia

Murray Goulburn Co-operative is actively leading the Australian dairy industry to deliver better returns for our farmers.

We are building a balanced portfolio of dairy foods that we proudly sell to Australia and the world. This includes high quality dairy ingredients, including speciality milk fats and bioactives, retail brands, including Devondale and Ascend, and food service products for cafes, restaurants and more.

Our flagship Devondale brand is a national leader in the Australian consumer market.

Our dairy farmer-shareholders benefit from MG Trading’s competitively-priced farm inputs and services, while our regionally-located Field Services Officers assist them in making decisions on-farm.

Driving our work is our commitment to being the first choice in dairy foods through operational excellence and innovation. Our reputation as a high quality dairy supplier is well known.

With approximately half of our products exported overseas, we are focused on the emerging markets of south east Asia, Middle East/North Africa and China.