Monday, November 19, 2018
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Amlat LLC
6417 Odana Road Madison WI USA

Amlat LLC is located in the State of Wisconsin, USA.  Established in December of 2012, the company plans to produce and market healthy nutritional products for infants, children and adults.  The initial business focus is producing and exporting powdered infant formula to China.


Amlat is developing its manufacturing facility in the southern Wisconsin city of Monroe. Amlat’s Green County production plant will take full advantage of the region’s abundant dairy resources to ensure a wholesome supply of milk and other quality ingredients.  Amlat has also entered into agreements with several major companies to distribute Wisconsin cheese in China.


Amlat’s business plan outlines a multiple phase development project. Operations will take place at the company’s new facility located in the Monroe Business and Industrial Park.  Construction of Phase 1 will begin in the spring of 2015.  According to the company’s business forecast, products from Amlat’s new manufacturing facility are expected to enter the U.S. and Chinese markets in fiscal year 2016.  Phase 1 investment is estimated to reach $40 million.  The 50,000 square foot manufacturing and office facilities will support up to 200 new jobs, providing strong economic development for the area.  Future development phases will expand Amlat’s product offerings plus require up to 500 total employee positions.

In addition to acquiring the 21 acre business site, Amlat has signed contracts for building engineering and construction plus equipment engineering, fabrication and installation.  Other major work has included regulatory registration, formula development and laying the groundwork for an effective food safety program.

Amlat’s business plans have been evaluated by independent financial analysts in both China and the United States.  The conclusions of these evaluations find that Amlat’s plans closely align with the rapidly expanding market demand for healthy nutritional products in China.  Accessing this exciting market now will provide Amlat with opportunities for profitability and rapid growth well into the future.