Friday, November 16, 2018
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Lead (USA) Global Ingredients, Inc.
745 E. Garvey Ave Monterey Par California USA

Lead (USA) Global Ingredients, Inc. is an independent dairy, nutritional, and feed ingredients provider. We contract with major US dairy and grain factories targeted to the rapidly growing overseas markets. Our goals are to establish trusted and long term partnership with our customers.

Over the years, we earn the trust of our customers worldwide by supplying high quality products, implementing with innovative marketing strategies.

We are dedicated to the marketing and distributing of dairy, nutritional and feed ingredients products to our customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in meticulous attention to details from manufacturers to end-users, made possible by providing a reliable service, extensive communication and the delivery of innovative solutions, taking into consideration the cultural and geopolitical backgrounds of each and every customer.

Partnership with our factories and customers 
With years of exporting experiences, we are the sole agents of several dairy products from leading US factories to the overseas markets. We proudly introduce high quality US products to our customers worldwide. We help our customers’ sales through strategic planning, innovative marketing and supply chain management

Our Products Include:

Dairy Ingredients:  Lactose, Sweet Whey Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate 34% Protein, Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Protein, Whey Protein and Non Fat Dry Milk

Animal Feed Ingredients: Whey Permeate and Milk Permeate

Cheese: Cheddar Cheese, Cream Cheese & Neufchatel and Gouda Cheese

Nutritional Ingredients: Colostrum

Logistics and Frozen Meat