Friday, January 21, 2022
Keller Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 158 Mantorville Minnesota USA

Keller Technologies, Inc. (KTI) provides technology, equipment and consulting services to the lactose manufacturing industry.  Based on A. Kent Keller's 40 years of operating, designing and upgrading almost 60 lactose factories around the world, the KTI team is uniquely qualified to serve its customers.

KTI is currently offering next-generation lactose processing systems.  

Benefits of KTI's new refining system include:

• Higher quality lactose and/or reduced water usage

• Robust operation with different feedstocks and operating techniques

• Reduced retention time to minimize coliform growth

• Reduced capital cost

Benefits of KTI's new lactose drying systems include:

• Consistent product moisture leading to free-flowing product

• More compact system

• Smaller baghouse

• Higher energy efficiency through reduced air usage

• Substantially reduced capital cost

Additional benefits of KTI's next-generation lactose processing systems include:

• Precise control of crystallizer solids

• Lactose yields up to 90% of available lactose

• Creative control of crystallizer cooling to maximize lactose crystal size

• Production of high-solids delactosed permeate (mother liquor)