Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Paras Dairy LLC
Suite 5100 200 E. Randolph St. Chicago Illinois USA

Paras Dairy LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of VRS Foods LTD. VRS Foods is the largest private dairy in India and is a manufacturer of acid casein, rennet casein, sodium & calcium caseinate and MPC 70 specifically for the United States market. 

VRS Foods has four modern dairy ingredient plants with plans to complete the fifth plant in 2016. VRS has collaborated with Westfalia Separator, A.G.Germany, Filteration Engineering Inc,U.S.A. and Applexion, France to ensure that our processing capabilities and products meet required international standards.

»    Major markets include
USA, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Pakistan.

»    Major markets include
USA, Germany, Egypt,Jordan, Libya, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Pakistan.

»    Our product range include
Skimmed Milk powder (ADPI Extra Grade)
Whole Milk Powder - Regular & Instant
Acid & Rennet Casein
Caseinates (Na/Ca,k)
Sweet Whey Powder
Demineralised Whey Powders - 50, 70 & 90
Lactose (Edible/pharma Grade)
Whey Protein Concentrate - 34%, 70%, 80%
Whey Protein Permeate
Milk Protein Concentrate - 70%, 80%
UHT Processed Milk
White Unsalted Butter
Milk Calcium