Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Uelzena eG
+49/581/80 60
Im Neuen Felde 87 Uelzen Germany

Uelzena eG (eG = registered cooperative) was founded in 1952 located abt. 100 km/60 miles south of Hamburg.

Affiliated companies:
- Altmark-Kaeserei Uelzena GmbH, DE- Bismarck (cheese and butter factory)
- Hoche Butter GmbH, DE- Uelzen (trading house for butter and butter fat (AMF))
- WS Warmsener Spezialitaeten GmbH, DE-Warmsen (dressings and sweet condensed milk)
- Trilactis GmbH, DE-Saarbruecken (trading house for dairy products)

Joint Venture with sales office for:
MTW Milchtrockenwerk Norddeutschland GmbH, DE-Neumuenster (new factory for skim milk powder)

Products and Services Include:

Uelzena eG, DE-Uelzen:-

- Skim milk powder (different qualities)
- Butter milk powder
- Butter
- Butter fat (AMF)
- Instant fruit or cocoa beverage powder
- Tolling services: Spray-drying and/or dry-blending of non-dairy foodstuffs (e.g. food colourings, flavors, yeast extracts, gelatine hydrolysates, vitamins, soy sauces, tea extracts, other emulsions or dispersions etc.)
- Packaging of powdered foodstuffs for end consumers (sachets, tins or bags)
- Brand "nutrineo": Sports nutrition, weight reduction