Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Dairyvative Technologies, LLC
N4311 Lakewood Circle Markesan Wisconsin USA

Dairyvative Technologies, LLC is a new dairy technology company. We have developed a unique processing technology called SEVENx™, a technology, which we process, allows us to remove enough water from gently pasteurized fresh milk to make a super-concentrated milk that does not need refrigeration and when the water is added back, tastes like fresh milk.

The SEVENx™ process allows us to remove up to 95% of the water known as a 7X concentration, that’s where the seven in SEVENx™ comes from) to produce a milk concentrate that is honey-like, can be pumped, packaged and reconstituted. At the end of the SEVENx™ process our concentrated milk:

- Tastes the same as fresh milk when reconstituted
- Does not need refrigeration (is shelf stable)
- Has a shelf life of at least 6 months
- Is lactose free
- Only about 17% of its original milk volume
- *It sweeter because it is lactose free