Sunday, November 28, 2021
Smart Membrane Solutions Ltd.
+64 7 827 2230
PO Box 148 Roilleston Canterbury New Zealand

Smart Membrane Solutions, Putting Process Managers At Ease.

Your Specialist Membrane Solutions Provider for ATDs, Lip Seals and Removal Tools

Every Part Counts, We understand that every part counts and they must be reliable to maximize your profit.

Better by Design, We are proud of our product quality and performance.  Our products are AgriQuality, and EU1935/2004 approved.

Responsive Service, We know how important your operation is.  We respond to all enquiries and make the provision of parts and support to clients our top priority.

Supplier to the World, We are true specialists and have a track record (since 2002) of providing solutions to companies of all sizes around the world.

We are based in Canterbury and proud to be a New Zealand company making a difference in the world of filtration.

Contact us to see how we can help put your process managers at ease.