Sunday, November 28, 2021
AmerAx LLC
813 North 7th Street Madison Lake Minnesota USA

Fang Ming, Msc, Ph.D., FIChemE (fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers) is the owner/founder of AmerAx LLC. Dr. Ming is a scientist/consultant who performs projects in dairy ingredient product development, processing and research.

Dr. Ming has worked in the U.S. dairy industry since 1989 and has been engaged in many milk and whey value-added protein projects. As well as alpha-lactalbumin, IgG etc. development, MFGM, lactoferrin and lysozyme isolation. 

One of Dr. Ming's highlights came during his time with Agropur, when he worked on a well-known high purity WPI protein product, Bipro.This product went on to win the 2017 ADPI/Dairy Foods Breakthrough Award of Dairy Ingredient Innovation for it's development of highly pure glycomacropeptide (GMP).

He has published more than 20 research papers including novel ion-exchanger for protein and peptides purification. Dr. Ming is currently engaged with a number of ADPI members.