Sunday, November 28, 2021
Motembo Fine Foods
2853 Jolly Rd. Okemos MI USA

Motembo Foods is a startup founded in October 2018 by a passionate group of just five like-minded foodies. Our mission was and continues to be simple: “Good food that is good for you.”  Today, we are proud to offer two specialty compound butters that are just that. 

Completely unique to the market, we procured relationships with foragers all over the Midwest — from West Virginia to Michigan’s upper peninsula — to harvest our butter’s featured ingredient: Ramps

Also known as Wild Leeks, “Ramps” are native to North America and seasonal. 

The bulbs contain all that familiar onion personality with a pleasant garlic flavor, and the leaves give our Original Wild Ramp Butter and Original Wild Ramp & Chive Butter a beautifully vibrant green color.

Proudly declared on the front of every package

Purveyors of Feel Good Food TM means even though each one is hand plucked out of the dirt, the Ramps that go into our butter are clean.  Really clean.  Through a cold pressure pasteurization technique, every delicious bit of Wild Ramp allowed into production is first subjected to an extreme pressure of 87,000 psi, lab certified to eliminate anything not good for you.

We’re just as proud of the back of the package.  Take a look.  Just three ingredients in our Original Wild Ramp Butter.  No chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial…anything.

Native tribes have used Wild Ramps in both traditional cuisine and medicinal application dating back hundreds of years, and we are excited to be able to share them with you today with the world’s first commercially available Original Wild Ramp Butter!