Thursday, January 23, 2020
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400, Henri-Bourassa Street Marieville Quebec CANADA
800-561-1957 / 450-460-4466

Your reputation as a dependable producer of high-quality products has been years in the making. Protecting and enhancing that reputation requires constant attention to quality control issues. As a major supplier of standard and custom multiwall paper bags to the North American dairy industry since 1956, we understand your daily challenges and we respect the hard work this entails. At Gelpac, we are justifiably proud of our own reputation as the supplier of the highest value product of its class. Our multiwall paper bags designed for milk powder (Whole milk, NFDM, Skim milk) and whey powder (Sweet Whey, Permeate, WPC or Lactose) were created to reduce overpacking and waste yet still provide a sturdy unit that will keep your quality products contaminant free. The ultra-resistant polyethylene liner provides superior puncture and tear resistance and can be removed from the paper bag. This barrier is also ideal for moisture control. The pinch heat seal closure with its airtight seal provides superior contamination prevention yet enjoys an easy opening feature. Furthermore, Gelpac bags are recognized for their unique customizable venting pattern that really works to your advantage. Our plants are audited yearly and meet the standards of the FDA/IMS as well as those of the AIB (American Institute of Baking) under the Food Safety/GMP guidelines. Our expert advisors have the technical knowledge and field experience to help you obtain all the right answers. If you are looking for a dedicated partner and rightfully expect a quick response, put us to the test today and see how, with Gelpac, getting your hands on the right packaging solution for your operation, at the right time and the right price is, effectively, «in the bag».
15 David Swan East-Angus Quebec Canada

Hood Packaging Corporation has a rich history in North America as a key player in the packaging industry. For more than 50 years our company has been a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of packaging materials. Over the years, Hood Packaging has evolved to become a world leader in the packaging industry by providing reliable customer service, on-time deliveries, and superior product quality. How do we do it? By being innovative, goal-oriented and driven by continuous improvement. There are Hood Packaging plants located throughout North America to meet the packaging needs of our customers. We have nine plants capable of manufacturing a wide range of plastic packaging products, and eight plants able to meet paper bag packaging needs. In addition to our packaging capabilities, our coating operation is extremely successful in providing coated paper products nationwide. Fifteen of our plants are registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and thirteen hold American Institute of Baking approval ratings. Because of our size and our history in the industry, we are fortunate to be able to draw on the knowledge of our experienced employees. Our sales team and packaging engineers are located throughout North America to better serve your needs. Our sustainability effort at Hood Packaging is driven by innovation in the conservation of resources; the use of sustainable and recyclable materials; by down-gauging and light-weighting product specifications; by improving product to package ratios by matching customer and environmental needs; and by offering new and exciting sustainable packaging solutions. Our goal at Hood Packaging is to provide a product that is competitively priced, high quality, delivered on time, and that consistently exceeds customers expectations. We work to meet that goal every day with our strong commitment to our customers.
601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 400 Minnetonka Minnesota USA

North Central Companies is a sales and marketing company founded in 1984.  We are located in Minneapolis, MN, USA and handle a variety of agricultural products both domestically and internationally. We have a wide range of involvement, which includes sales and marketing, as well as custom processing and blending.
1600 Lake Drive West Chanhassen Minnesota USA

Powder-Solutions Group brings together innovative technologies and expertise to provide quality, cost effective products and service to all facets of the bulk powder handling industry. As the parent company of Powder-Solutions, Inc. and Powder Process-Solutions, Powder-Solutions Group is your single source for unique powder handling solutions. Powder-Solutions Group:  The formation of the Powder-Solutions Group allows us to extend the range of products and services offered to our customers.  The group currently consists of Powder-Solutions Inc. and Powder Process-Solutions. Since 1972, we have been applying engineering principles and process knowledge to food applications.  Rail and truck unloading.  In-Plant Conveying and Bulk Storage. Particle Size Reduction.  Sifting.  Weigh Batching and Blending.  Dust Collection and Vacuum Cleaning.  Formerly Boedecker Company, we offer components, systems and service for the food manufacturing companies (Dairy applications are served by Nu-Con Equipment).
901 North Levee Road Puyallup WA
800-863-8789 / 253-682-6588

SeaTac Packaging is your Partner for Packaging Solutions! SeaTac Packaging manufactures S ewn O pen M outh (SOM), P inch B ottom O pen M outh (PBOM) and B lock B ottom O pen M outh (BBOM), also known as P asted O pen M outh (POM) with poly liner, bags for a variety of different industries and applications with a specific emphasis on Dairy Ingredients. SeaTac Packaging's mission is to enhance the lives of all of our stakeholders; and we do this by manufacturing and delivering innovative, value-added packaging solutions with uncompromising and consistent quality, responsive and flexible customer service. Founded in 1994, family owned and family operated, as a long-term value-added partner we can help you expand in both domestic and international markets with bags designed and manufactured to to meet domestic and export standards (fully certified packaging meeting all FDA requirements for direct food contact). SeaTac Packaging's facility is an AIB "Superior" International certified facility, with plans to manufacture and would be happy to schedule a plant tour with you, please contact Phil Chandler at or call 800-863-8789 for more information!
Energiens Hus, Energivej 3, DK-4180 Soroe
+45 58 84 15 00

Simatek is a Danish manufacturer of 3A certified baghouses for the food and milk powder industry. The company was founded in 1981, taking a special interest in environmental issues. The business has expanded from the early dust removal systems for a limited number of industries, to today's complex hygienic and comprehensive filter plants for all kids of industries. The reference lists include more than: - 8.000 pulse jet filters - 250 sanitary process filters of which 85 are with CIP - 200 flue gas filters/filter plants, 70 of which are equipped with sorption system - 150 industrial plants for central vacuum cleaning Simatek is supplying bag filters for spray dryer projects, replacement of existing powder separation systems (bag filter, cyclones or scrubber), refurbish of existing Simatek and non-Simatek bag filters till spare parts and maintenance for filters. Special for the bag filters from Simatek is the low low-pressure air consumption and small footprint due to a special cleaning technology using bags up to 40 feet length. Simatek is the first bag filter supplier to have a bag filter the SimPulse 3CX-CIP designed to comply fully with the 3-A Sanitary Standards for bag Collectors Number 40-03 and certified by the 3-A Sanitary Standards.
1032 Bay Beach Road Green Bay Wisconsin USA

Tosca, a market leader in reusable containers, develops packaging and supply chain solutions for dairy, protein, and produce to improve product quality and reduce waste.  Tosca’s suite of services includes: managing, renting/leasing, washing, and reconditioning and/or repairing 640 cheese containers, bulk bins and handheld reusable containers for the perishable industry.