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40 Stoneridge Drive Waynesboro Virginiga United States

Kincannon & Reed is a retained executive search firm engaged by organizations around the world to recruit impact players in the food, agribusiness, and life sciences sectors.
1000 N. Oak Avenue Marshfield Wisconsin USA

Marshfield Food Safety provides microbiological, chemical, and nutritional food testing.  Testing is for food at any stage of processing, RTE foods, ingredients, and environmental monitoring in food production areas.  We are known well for reliable results, minimal turnaround time, and affordable prices. Laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025:2005 by A2LA.  Our goals include providing customers with accurate information and getting it to the right people at the right time, allowing you to maintain the most effective food safety programs.  Ultimately, assuring that your consumers are obtaining the safest and best products. Services include analysis for nutrition fact panels, pathogen/microbiological detection, shelf life determination, proximates, vitamins, nutrients, nitrate/nitrite, WPN, water activity, melamine, cyanuric acid, elemental impurities/toxic metals, pesticides, various allergens, mycotoxins including aflatoxin M1, and more. Your Food Safety Plan will be stronger with high quality test results that validate your Preventive Controls are working.  COA assures that your company is compliant with various customer specifications and government regulations.  Call us.
111 E. Wacker Dr., #2300 Chicago IL

Merieux NutriSciences works with clients as a trusted partner to promote public health through analysis, consulting, auditing, training, contract research and sensory analysis services.   
7500 Mendelssohn Ave N Minneapolis Minnesota USA

MOCON, Inc., is an international manufacturing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA with operations in Texas, Colorado, Germany and China. While working as a research physicist for General Mills in Minneapolis, Les Demorest, our founder, saw a need for the type of moisture measurement instrumentation that became our first product. In 1966, he founded Modern Controls, Inc., and in 1968 it became a public company trading locally in Minnesota.  In 1979 the company became a nationally traded public company on the NASDAQ exchange with the symbol "MOCO".  In 1999 the company name changed to MOCON, Inc.  MOCON has expanded its product lines over the years to include a wide variety of specialized instruments for the food, pharmaceutical, packaging and many other industries.  We design, manufacture and sell products for gas detection, measurement and analysis.  Our customers use MOCON products in several areas including research and development, production/manufacturing and quality control. A word often heard at MOCON is "growth".  The company has experienced excellent growth over the years and is committed to continuing this growth in the future.  There is a strong sense of accountability to our shareholders to deliver consistent earnings through being a step ahead in anticipating, responding to, and delivering market needs. As a part of MOCON’s growth commitment, we acquired Microanalytics, near Austin, Texas in January 1998. Founded by Donald Wright, Microanalytics produces multidimensional gas chromatographs for specific industrial applications.  Microanalytics added unique expertise in aroma and odor analysis to our technology base. In October, 2001 MOCON acquired Baseline Industries located north of Denver, in Lyons, Colorado.  Baseline, formed in 1969 by Kenneth Forsberg, is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas analyzers.  Baseline prides itself on its worldwide reputation for providi...
2400 E. Fifth Street Marshfield Wisconsin USA
800-826-8302 / 715-387-1151

Nelson-Jameson provides solutions to the food and dairy industries. We are your one-stop supplier of dairy and food safety, sanitation, material handling, lab and packaging products.  Nelson-Jameson is a single-source food, dairy or beverage plant supplier, with a diverse product line including: Sanitation & Maintenance Safety & Personnel Processing & Flow Control Laboratory & QA/QC Packaging & Ingredients Our comprehensive product offerings result in lower transaction costs and improved business efficiencies. Because we represent over 750 manufacturers, you only have one vendor to deal with — us. Our expert staff helps you choose the products that fit your unique food, dairy or beverage plant needs, raising your productivity and lowering your costs.  Our technical expertise, fast service and get-it-right-the-first-time attitude help boost your purchasing productivity.
Bank of America Plaza 901 Main Street, Suite 6570 Dallas Texas USA

Numidia is a company specialized in the distribution, sales and marketing of dairy products and related ingredients. Numidia has a dynamic and multilingual team with more than 55 people worldwide. We have built a strong network around the globe, enabling us to provide all our partners with solid market information, contract reliability and technical knowledge. Numidia BV was established in the Netherlands. Over the years we have opened offices in Singapore, Australia, and Uruguay. In 2017 we have founded Numidia Inc., our US division based out of Dallas. Our domestic strategy is to market and supply US dairy ingredients to food manufacturing and distribution companies globally with a focus on:   Nonfat Dry Milk Milk Protein Concentrates Sweet Whey Whey Protein Concentrates Permeate / lactose Ingredients (Blends, Fat filled) Cheese Milk fat products Butter Derivatives and Risk management Quality and efficiency are the main drivers in all our processes, systems and ways of working. We have a highly trained staff of specialists in sourcing, quality assurance and logistics. We are always searching for ways to improve and increase efficiency for our partners.
PO Box 743 120 West Main St., Suite 200 Washington Missouri USA

Osage Food Products is a broad line ingredient supply company offering a wide range of ingredients to the food and feed industry. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience including experience in production, distribution, product development and sales. Our primary ingredient focus is in dairy industry. We offer a wide range of functional milk protein products, protein blends and related protein products for the food and nutrition industries. Osage also supplies cheese and milk fat products as well as a variety of custom manufactured dairy products for various applications.    Products offered include: o    Milk Protein Concentrate 70% & 80% o    Milk Protein Isolates o    Acid Casein o    Rennet Casein o    Calcium Caseinate o    Sodium Caseinate o    Micellar Casein o    Whey Protein Concentrate 80 %  o    Whey Protein Isolate o    Whey Protein Hydrolysates o    Lactose o    Whey Permeate o    Whey Powder o    Milk Permeate o    WPC 34% o    Whole Milk o    Skim Milk Powder o    All Dairy Nonfat Dried Milk Replacers o    All Dairy Whole Milk Replacers o    Buttermilk Products o    Skim Milk Replacers o    Ice Cream Blends o    Yogurt Powder o    Sour Cream Powder o    Cheddar o    Mozzarella o    Swiss o    Processed Cheese o    Cheese Sauce o    Imitation Cheese o    Imitation and natural cheese blends o    Shredded and diced available    
21090 Cabot Blvd. Hayward California USA

Pacific Cheese Company is a family-owned and operated broad line cheese supplier to foodservice distributors, retailers, food manufacturers and restaurant chains across the country, and in Asia, Mexico, and South America.  
321 Grant Street, PO Box 500, Tiffin Iowa USA

Pejsa Enterprises is in the Management Consulting Services industry in Tiffin, Iowa.
1600 Lake Drive West Chanhassen Minnesota USA

Powder-Solutions Group brings together innovative technologies and expertise to provide quality, cost effective products and service to all facets of the bulk powder handling industry. As the parent company of Powder-Solutions, Inc. and Powder Process-Solutions, Powder-Solutions Group is your single source for unique powder handling solutions. Powder-Solutions Group:  The formation of the Powder-Solutions Group allows us to extend the range of products and services offered to our customers.  The group currently consists of Powder-Solutions Inc. and Powder Process-Solutions. Since 1972, we have been applying engineering principles and process knowledge to food applications.  Rail and truck unloading.  In-Plant Conveying and Bulk Storage. Particle Size Reduction.  Sifting.  Weigh Batching and Blending.  Dust Collection and Vacuum Cleaning.  Formerly Boedecker Company, we offer components, systems and service for the food manufacturing companies (Dairy applications are served by Nu-Con Equipment).
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