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1809 Hafor Drive Iowa City Iowa USA

Process Systems Consulting Inc. is in the Management Consulting Services industry in Iowa City, Iowa.
135 S. LaSalle St., Suite 3000 Chicago Illinois USA

Rice Dairy is a boutique brokerage firm, offering guidance and execution services on futures, options, spot, over-the-counter and forward markets; specializing in Dairy and markets at Dairy’s periphery. Rice Dairy also provides a wide and extensive service platform to their customers in managing their risk which includes technology, consulting, portfolio optimization and market analysis.  
107 Corporate Blvd. Suite A South Plainfield NJ

Seldat Distributon, Inc. provides innovative, scalable solutions and services that help companies in every link of the global supply chain grow and prosper. Our mission is to empower business and consumers worldwide to find, buy, and sell anything – without the limitations of borders and logistics challenges.  Our supply chain management experience spans a broad range of industries – from Dairy and Craft Beverages to automotive parts and textiles. We apply the best practices we’ve developed from handling fragile, perishable goods to ensure we deliver everything we touch intact and on time.  Seldat owns every piece of the supply chain with the complementary services to deliver maximum value. Headquartered in New Jersey, we employ more than 2,200 people across North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC. To learn more, please visit seldatinc.com and our dedicated technology solutions site, tech.seldatinc.com today. 
2812 River Willow Dr. Furlong Pennsylvania USA

Shanghai Gentech Industries Group located in Furlong, PA, is the US Office for Shanghai Gentech Industries Group. Shanghai Gentech is a company engaged in R & D, production, marketing of natural, nutritional and healthy immune ingredients, additives and final products. 
Energiens Hus, Energivej 3, DK-4180 Soroe
+45 58 84 15 00

Simatek is a Danish manufacturer of 3A certified baghouses for the food and milk powder industry. The company was founded in 1981, taking a special interest in environmental issues. The business has expanded from the early dust removal systems for a limited number of industries, to today's complex hygienic and comprehensive filter plants for all kids of industries. The reference lists include more than: - 8.000 pulse jet filters - 250 sanitary process filters of which 85 are with CIP - 200 flue gas filters/filter plants, 70 of which are equipped with sorption system - 150 industrial plants for central vacuum cleaning Simatek is supplying bag filters for spray dryer projects, replacement of existing powder separation systems (bag filter, cyclones or scrubber), refurbish of existing Simatek and non-Simatek bag filters till spare parts and maintenance for filters. Special for the bag filters from Simatek is the low low-pressure air consumption and small footprint due to a special cleaning technology using bags up to 40 feet length. Simatek is the first bag filter supplier to have a bag filter the SimPulse 3CX-CIP designed to comply fully with the 3-A Sanitary Standards for bag Collectors Number 40-03 and certified by the 3-A Sanitary Standards.
PO Box 148 Roilleston Canterbury New Zealand
+64 7 827 2230

Smart Membrane Solutions, Putting Process Managers At Ease. Your Specialist Membrane Solutions Provider for ATDs, Lip Seals and Removal Tools Every Part Counts , We understand that every part counts and they must be reliable to maximize your profit. Better by Design , We are proud of our product quality and performance.  Our products are AgriQuality, and EU1935/2004 approved . Responsive Service , We know how important your operation is.  We respond to all enquiries and make the provision of parts and support to clients our top priority. Supplier to the World, We are true specialists and have a track record (since 2002) of providing solutions to companies of all sizes around the world. We are based in Canterbury and proud to be a New Zealand company making a difference in the world of filtration. Contact us to see how we can help put your process managers at ease.
Unit 3, Carrigtwohill Business Centre Carrigtwohill Co. Cork Ireland
1-866-739-0913 / +353 21 4533781

SoftTrace – plant-wide data management and reporting software for the Dairy Industry. The SoftTrace suite of software modules provides a complete solution to the plant performance, quality, traceability and risk management challenges of the Dairy industry. It captures, organizes and tracks all internal manufacturing, logistical and quality related data from raw material intake to dispatch: Full integration of all manufacturing, quality and business data in a single system. Increased operational efficiency and profits with reduced overhead costs. A comprehensive quality platform for process and product value optimization. Increased inventory efficiencies via lot specific inventory management. Full traceability from raw materials received through to finished goods dispatch. Rapid product recall and crisis management capabilities. Elimination of paper records. SoftTrace can be implemented on a modular basis to meet specific needs, custom configured to reflect current practices, and integrated with 3rd party ERP, process automation, laboratory instruments and bar-coding systems.
Campus Box 7624 Raleigh North Carolina United States

The SDFRC is a collection of experienced and accomplished scientists working in research areas prioritized nationally by industrial surveys. These areas include milk and whey ingredient functionality, thermal and biological processing, sensory properties of cheese and dairy ingredients, dairy food safety, and microbial technologies for starter cultures and probiotics. SDFRC areas of research emphasis: - Flavor adjuncts - Functional foods, probiotics - Ingredient functionaliity, whey proteins - Microbial safety - Quality - Starter cultures - Food Safety
Babcock Hall Rm 245 1605 Linden Drive Madison Wisconsin

The Center for Dairy Research (CDR), supported by dairy farmer check off dollars, is located  within a licensed, operating dairy plant on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. A full service dairy research center with more than 30 researchers and scientists, CDR offers solution based research backed by experience, passion and tradition.  Its expertise is in five main areas: cheese, dairy ingredients, cultured products and beverages, quality/safety, and dairy processing. Each of these areas are in turn supported by expertise in research, sensory, analytical, training, commercialization and outreach. CDR brings research to life for the dairy and food industry.
1032 Bay Beach Road Green Bay Wisconsin USA

Tosca, a market leader in reusable containers, develops packaging and supply chain solutions for dairy, protein, and produce to improve product quality and reduce waste.  Tosca’s suite of services includes: managing, renting/leasing, washing, and reconditioning and/or repairing 640 cheese containers, bulk bins and handheld reusable containers for the perishable industry.  
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