Thursday, June 24, 2021
ADPI Center of Excellence Quick Bytes - Dairy Ingredients Opportunities in Global Maternal (Stage 0) Supplements
Friday, May 28, 2021


During ADPI’s October 2020 webinar, COE’s subject matter expert Dr. David Clark touched upon an emerging segment, which is growing at a 20% annual rate, and estimated to reach $1 billion by 2029, according to global player Nestlé.  We circled back for a follow up interview to get a clearer understanding of what drives this market and is it an opportunity for US and international suppliers of dairy ingredients?


ADPI Center of Excellence Quick Bytes - Potential Defects in Cheese
Thursday, May 13, 2021


The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has named the month of May “Wisconsin Cheese Month”, so it is timely to commemorate this event with some cheese knowledge from our very own Center of Excellence member and longtime Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, Terry Lensmire.  Though Wisconsin is considered the “Cheese State”, and the 4th largest producer of cheese in the world, we know it isn’t always easy to make every batch of cheese just perfect.  We all know that losses in cheese quality can translate into losses in sales. For this reason, we have Terry to discuss some potential defects that can occur in cheese and what to do about them. 

Dairy Contrary . . . Milk. . . The sum of the parts is greater than the whole
Friday, May 07, 2021


“Proteins from Milk “are a common denominator in many of the milk derivatives, liquid or dry in form, and today are highly sought after by consumers for their nutritional need-state portfolios. Proteins from milk are naturally “complete,” often imitated by non-dairy “want-to-be’s” who have to add and or fortify their products to get to where “proteins from milk” are naturally.

There are many folks today that shortsightedly judge the health of our dairy industry solely by fluid milk consumption, and that is both unfortunate and an increasingly inaccurate measure.

Inside Perspective: A Matter of Relevance
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

To survive and thrive, dairy industry trade association such as ADPI have to remain relevant to both members and customers....

ADPI President and CEO Blake Anderson provided an "inside prespective" in the February 2021 Dairy Foods Magazine

Dairy Market Outlook - March 12, 2021
Friday, March 12, 2021

Over the last month, US dairy market fundamentals have turned more bullish as supply growth slows and a demand recovery gets closer. January milk production was less than expected, and cheese stocks didn’t grow much during the month. Government stimulus and dairy purchases remain a wild card.

Dairy-Contrary™ .   .   . “Rules and Regs”
Monday, March 01, 2021


It is often said, and hopefully most believe, that we are a nation of laws, and that we believe in and adhere to the “rule of law.”  Rules and Regulations are akin to laws in that they frame needed and expected behaviors of citizens who choose to live, work and successfully coexist in society. 

Ignorance of .... is different than Ignoring laws, or rules and regulations. Ignorance, the noun describes a condition i.e., the lack of knowledge or information. Ignoring, the verb, is a chosen action, i.e., refusing to take notice of or acknowledge, disregard intentionally. 

In our food and beverage industry, and the “dairy” segment of it, we have many extremely smart people. Smart people are generally well educated, but still can be ignorant in some ways. This ignorance, if existing, is easily remedied by education in learning and understanding the rules. 

ADPI® Establishes the Phillip Tong Educational Scholarship in 2021
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The American Dairy Products Institute  announced today, the establishment of a scholarship in the name of Phillip Tong Ph.D., to be known as the Phillip Tong Educational Scholarship. “This annual scholarship endowed by ADPI, is in recognition of Dr. Tong’s contributions to the Training, Education and Development of people in the dairy industry and most recently within the scope of Dairy Science & Technology realm and the domain of ADPI member companies,” commented Blake Anderson, President and CEO of ADPI. “Training, Education and Development is a strategic precept for ADPI and this new scholarship, under Dr. Tong’s name, will ensure that his life’s work will continue to contribute to the success of our industry,” Anderson went on to say.

Dairy Contrary™ – Innovation
Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Innovation is defined as “the creation, development and implementation of new products, processes or services, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or one’s competitive advantage.”  It is also widely held as a self-evident truth that “innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization.”

ADPI Wraps Up 2020 With Successful Dairy Ingredients Seminar
Friday, December 11, 2020

The American Dairy Products Institute wrapped up their 2020 virtual events with the completion of a very successful Dairy Ingredients Seminar.  The program, conducted virtually over three days hosted attracted 132 attendees from 9 countries and 23 states in the U.S.  

The Strong Inside® campaign gets support from New York State Dairy Promotion Order to grow demand for proteins from milk
Wednesday, November 04, 2020


The New York State Dairy Promotion Order  awarded a $147,000 grant to The Strong Inside® (TSI) campaign, the digital marketing campaign dedicated to educating consumers about the importance of proteins from milk, as nutrients in milk, cheese and yogurt, condensed and concentrated milks, UF and microfiltered milks, and as dry ingredients (in milk powders, whey products, casein/ates, milk protein concentrates and isolates).  The proposal featured enhancements of the existing campaign which will help increase its reach and effectiveness, as well as incremental elements that will strategically target protein seekers in the State and the Northeast region.

ADPI Breaks Away Virtually with Dairy Ingredients 360 Training Course in 2021
Monday, November 02, 2020


ADPI® is pleased to announce an exciting renewed Training, Education, and Development (T.E.D.) program for members and industry in 2021. We believe it is the first of its type to be virtually interactive spanning 9 months from February through October. ADPI’s Dairy Ingredients 360 Training Course program will encompass 3 different modules that build upon each other, and contain a total of 36 programmed hours of interactive L3 content. Instructors will be subject matter experts from dairy science, commercial industry, academia, government agencies, and ADPI’s Center of Excellence. The sessions will be virtually interactive (live) and also recorded for playback to ensure registered attendees can stay on track despite the occasional schedule conflict that may crop up from time to time. 

Burrington To Join The American Dairy Products Institute in January 2021 Following Retirement from the Center of Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Monday, November 02, 2020


ADPI® is pleased to announce that Kimberlee (K.J.) Burrington will join ADPI’s staff as Director-Training, Education, and Technical Development and will commence her new role January 4, 2021.  “ADPI® has a strategic precept and commitment to Training, Education and Development for its members and the broader dairy ingredients and related products industry, and having K.J. join our team will enable us to enhance and expand our efforts and actions in this key area going forward,” said Blake Anderson, ADPI’s President & CEO. “We’ll have more exciting news to share in this area as we get closer to the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, so stay tuned!”

Dairy Contrary. . . Got Milk?® - Sure, you do, but you may not realize it!
Tuesday, October 27, 2020


It is nice to see the “Got Milk?®” marketing and communication campaign reemerging and reenergized of late, even it did morph to balancing a glass of chocolate milk on one’s noggin’ whilst swimming a lap in a pool!  Pretty cool feat I must say and I’m told it was adhesive free and done on the first take!

This got me thinking about the iconic campaign, how popular it was in its heyday and how many milk mustaches we all saw on any number of celebrities during its lifespan.

Dairy, Dairy So Contrary…What Comes After Your Plan B?
Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Most businesses have a Plan A and a Plan B, and some even have a Plan C, albeit in many instances, it is a "paper exercise" that exists in a three-ring binder, and stuffed in the back of a "tick the box" file in offices and cubicles.

So what are Plans A, B, C , and why are most Plan C’s now....not fit for purpose?