Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Global Dairy Trade Prices Rise 0.6%, Milk Powder Prices Edge Lower
Thursday, January 19, 2017 (621 reads)

International dairy prices at the January 17th auction edged up slightly reinforcing an ongoing recovery that had been dented by two consecutive auctions of losses. Overall prices in the latest Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction rose 0.6% to $3,517 following a 3.9% decline in the first auction of 2017. This was the first increase in three auctions and broadly in line with consensus expectations of a slight improvement.

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Dairy Prices Fall at the First Global Dairy Trade Auction in 2017
Friday, January 06, 2017 (613 reads)

Dairy prices have gotten off to a disappointing start in 2017 as the GlobalDairyTrade index fell by 3.9% at the first  auction of the year. The drop follows a decrease of 0.5% at the last auction of 2016. Prices for the benchmark whole milk powder were down 7.7%, at an average of $3,294 a ton. Another important reference product – skim milk powder – rose by 2.3% to $2,660 a ton, the highest point since March 2015 and cheddar prices extended gains up 1.4% over the last auction, to $3,894 a ton, the highest level since July 2014.

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