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New Half-Fat Soft Cheese Solution is the Cream of the Crop
Thursday, April 30, 2015 (849 reads)

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a whey protein solution that enables dairies to produce low-fat soft ripened cheeses that taste as good as the full-fat versions. Claus Andersen, Category Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, stated “Reducing the level of fat and increasing the amount of whey protein in a soft ripened cheese can result in the product that has eluded cheese-makers until now: a delicious low-fat cheese indistinguishable from its full-fat equivalent. At last, high-quality reduced fat soft ripened cheese is within reach – and so is the potential for increased sales in this under-developed sub-category of the dairy market.”


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German Dairy Company Molkerei Ammerland Will Stop Selling Product on GDT
Thursday, April 30, 2015 (1302 reads)

German dairy company Molkerei Ammerland will no longer be selling products on GlobalDairyTrade (GDT). Molkerei Ammerland, one of Europe’s leading dairy cooperatives, first joined GDT in September 2014 as the first seller to offer Sweet Whey Powder (SWP) on the platform. Molkerei Ammerland CEO Ralf Hinrichs said that “this is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we have the utmost respect for GDT. However, it has become clear that offering and selling product on the GDT platform does not align with our newly defined sales and marketing strategy.” 

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Weight Management Products Benefit From Dairy Proteins
Thursday, April 30, 2015 (935 reads)

The weight management category remains strong, registering growth of 13% between 2008 and 2013, according to Euromonitor, with further growth of 7% forecast from 2013 to 2018. Within weight management, protein takes center-stage, with 57% of consumers seeking out protein sources, according to Arla Foods Ingredients. Lindsey Ormond, Business Development Manager for Health & Performance Nutrition at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “The weight management market is booming and shoppers are looking for products that help them maintain a healthy weight without significantly altering how they eat. They want products that are convenient, taste good and are effective. This is where dairy proteins come in. They can be used to create products that offer all of these qualities, while also delivering the health benefits of high quality protein.”


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CWT Assists with 1.2 Million Pounds of Cheese and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
Thursday, April 30, 2015 (790 reads)

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has accepted 8 requests for export assistance to sell 1.122 million pounds (509 metric tons) of Cheddar, Gouda, and Monterey Jack cheese and 85,980 pounds (39 metric tons) of whole milk powder to customers in Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. 

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Arla Doubles Protein Capacity to Meet Growing Infant Formula Demand
Friday, April 24, 2015 (843 reads)

Arla Foods Ingredients has doubled its capacity for producing Alpha-lactalbumin in a bid to meet growing demand from the global infant formula market. Arla Foods Ingredients produces Alpha-lactalbumin at its Denmark Protein facility in Jutland, which adheres to the strictest quality and safety standards anywhere in the infant formula industry today. It has added a second production line at the factory, which will increase output of the protein by 100%. 

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Murray Goulburn Buys Caboolture Cheese From United Dairy Power
Friday, April 24, 2015 (912 reads)

The nation’s largest dairy co-operative, Murray Goulburn, has acquired leading cheese brand Caboolture cheese, as well as some processing equipment, from United Dairy Power (UDP), after UDP’s parent company fell into receivership late last year. The move comes ahead of Murray Goulburn’s planned $500m capital raising in July, which will see a unit trust listed on the ASX.

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Agricultural Exports to Cuba Could Triple to $1B Annually
Friday, April 24, 2015 (837 reads)

U.S. food and agricultural exports to Cuba could triple to $1 billion annually as relations between the two countries thaw, administration officials and independent experts told lawmakers Tuesday. U.S. food and agricultural exports to Cuba in 2014 totaled $286 million, less than 1 percent of all such exports. Poultry accounted for more than half, followed by soybean meal, bulk soybeans and bulk corn. Opening up markets could lead to substantial exports of wheat, rice and dairy products, experts testified.


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Cayuga Milk Ingredients and Chobani Among New York Governor Cuomo's Delegation to Cuba
Thursday, April 23, 2015 (1154 reads)

Central New York's milk and Greek yogurt industries are among the businesses headed to Cuba with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Kevin Ellis, of Cayuga Milk Ingredients, and Hamdi Ulukaya, of Chobani, are going with the Democratic governor on a two-day trip to encourage trade with the island nation.

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Congress Vote is Crucial to TPP Progress
Thursday, April 23, 2015 (764 reads)

A bill introduced by lawmakers in the on Thursday allowing trade agreements to be fast-tracked through the Congress is a crucial step in getting the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks wrapped up soon. If passed, the legislation would give President Barack Obama the power to negotiate trade agreements without the need for line-by-line approval from the US Congress which would be restricted to a yes-or-no vote on deals presented to it for ratification. The TPP has been treading water for the past 18 months while the dozen countries involved in the talks waited for so-called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which still needed to be passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives before it could be signed into law.

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USDEC Has Identified at Least Six Factors Driving Increasing Demand for U.S. Dairy Exports to Southeast Asia
Thursday, April 23, 2015 (1376 reads)

The 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is the second largest market for U.S. dairy exports, trailing only Mexico. In the last five years, sales have more than tripled in value to $1.3 billion. USDEC has identified at least six factors driving increasing demand for U.S. dairy exports to Southeast Asia.

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