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New Zealand Records a $2.4B Trade Deficit - Its Largest in Nearly Six Years
Tuesday, May 05, 2015 (772 reads)

Tumbling dairy prices dragged ANZ's commodity price index 7.4 percent lower last month and a stronger New Zealand dollar amplified the decline. Dairy products make up 47.4 percent of the index and their 15.2 percent drop last month in world price terms, to levels one-third lower than a year ago, pulled the index down to a level 18 percent off its peak in February last year. New Zealand recorded a trade deficit of $2.4 billion in the year to March, its largest for nearly six years.

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CWT Assists with 1.7 Million Pounds of Cheese and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
Tuesday, May 05, 2015 (767 reads)

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has accepted 9 requests for export assistance to sell 604,067 pounds (275 metric tons) of Cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack cheese and 1.102 million pounds (500 metric tons) of whole milk powder to customers in Asia and the Middle East.

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March New Zealand Milk Powder Milk Exports Increase
Friday, May 01, 2015 (818 reads)

Whole milk powder (WMP) exports reached a record level for March with nearly 160,000t shipped. Skim milk powder (SMP) exports were also very high, exceeding 40,000t. Milk powder exports were at record levels this year for first quarter volumes, but the value of these exports was well down. Q1 milk powder exports dropped 46% in value from last year when considered in US dollar terms. In NZ dollars the value of milk powder exports fell 40%.

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Fonterra GDT Volumes Largely In Line as Forecasted
Friday, May 01, 2015 (822 reads)

The volume of product that Fonterra plans to offer on next week's GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) auction is largely in line with its previous forecast. Of the products traded on the NZX Dairy Derivatives market only skim milk powder (SMP) volumes have been revised upward. SMP volumes at the 5 May auction are up 5% from the previous forecast. All of the extra SMP volume has gone onto Contract 2 which has been increased by 10%. 

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