Friday, October 22, 2021


Dairy Ingredient Standards Booklet

ADPI is pleased to publish this all-inclusive reference book of dairy ingredient industry standards along with: product definitions; compositional analysis; specific grading requirements for Grade A, Extra Grade and Standard Grade products; common methods of sampling and analysis; and a copy of an excellent summary produced by the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Dairy Research (WI CDR) describing the full range of dairy ingredient products – what they are and how they are produced.

These ADPI Standards are designed as industry standards for U.S. produced dairy ingredients, and are therefore neither binding nor enforceable. The standards have been developed with a sufficiently broad framework to allow for individual brand identity and innovation within the standard.

While ADPI may suggest an appropriate name or names for the product, such suggestions do not foreclose the use of other names, so long as they also appropriately describe the nature of the product, are truthful, and are non-misleading.

We hope that these standards and the additional information in this book will provide the industry and our customers with a better understanding of the function and makeup of the many nutritious dry dairy ingredients produced in the U.S., and become globally recognized terms of reference for these products.

The book is conveniently divided into three (3) sections:

• MILK: Milk-derived dairy ingredients
• WHEY: Whey-derived dairy ingredients
• PROCESS: A summary of dairy ingredient products and processing compiled by WCDR

The Dairy Ingredient Standards booklet is available for purchase in a PDF electronic format.

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