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Our Vision: To be the world's go-to authority on dairy ingredients.

About Us

ADPI is a leading national trade association representing the dairy industry today, which includes manufacturers and marketers of dairy-based ingredients and related products, as well as distributors, traders, suppliers of equipment, technical and financial services, and global customers. ADPI is the dairy-centric organization that connects, engages, and educates its members. Membership is open to all organizations involved in the dairy industry.

Our Mission

We seek to increase the worldwide use of dairy ingredients by marshaling the technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources of our members and others.

Where the Dairy Industry Does Business®

At ADPI, we’re working with our members  to build global demand for dairy ingredients and related products. In an increasingly competitive environment, ADPI and its members are actively promoting dairy-based ingredients in new, lucrative segments through research, selling points, and the development of innovative applications and technologies for utilization. Dairy ingredients provide tremendous benefits to human and animal nutrition in feeding the world, and as such, ADPI’s focus is on working collaboratively to grow our members’ business and their markets.

How ADPI Serves Its Members

  • Promoting the dairy industry’s image and enhancing its growth and strategic development
  • Assisting members with technical, educational, statistical, and market-related matters
  • Harmonizing standards relating to manufactured dairy ingredients and products
  • Promoting the dairy products processing industry and its products through relations with affiliated industry organizations and applicable governing bodies.
  • Providing a strong, effective voice for the manufactured dairy ingredients industry

ADPI effectively accomplishes these tasks through the member-led Board of Directors, committees, and task force structure, by leveraging its member’s collective experience, knowledge, cooperation, and the guidance of industry leaders.

Our Core Values

RESPONSIVE to our member’s needs
RELIABLE meaningful and useful information
RELEVANT by focusing on dairy ingredient products, not politics
RESPECTFUL of the contribution of others and work cooperatively
RELATIONSHIPS by creating excellent networking opportunities for members
RATIONAL in being reasonable, understanding, and in using sound judgement

Our History

The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) was established under its current name on April 17, 1986, through a merger of the American Dry Milk Institute, founded in 1925, and the Whey Protein Institute, founded in 1971. In April 1987, ADPI expanded the scope of the organization by merging with the Evaporated Milk Association, which was founded in 1923. ADPI’s efforts today build upon nearly 100 years of collaborative work, and encompasses all types of dairy ingredients and manufactured dairy products.

In 2023, ADPI celebrates its Centennial. 



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