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ADPI Releases Two New Ingredient Standards

Edible Rennet Casein and Edible Caseinates Standards are added to the ADPI Library

The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) is pleased to announce Ingredient Standards for Edible Rennet Casein and Edible Caseinates are now approved and published for reference.

As the global authority setting standards for quality and safety of dairy ingredients, ADPI marshals the resources of its members to establish the reference specifications for the products of its industry. These two new standards are the culmination of months of collaboration by a multidisciplinary task force team and were recently voted into use by ADPI’s Board of Directors.

“ADPI continues to leverage our members’ vast pool of expertise to deliver timely and relevant ingredient standards that serve the interests of today’s dairy ingredient industry,” states Andy Powers, ADPI Vice President of Technical Services. “These new standards reinforce ADPI’s commitment to set the pace for U.S. dairy and demonstrate that we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry we serve.”

These latest new ingredient standards, Edible Rennet Casein along with Edible Caseinates, represent the natural continuation of a series which began with the issue of Edible Acid Casein late last year.  This series was developed in direct support of the ongoing reemergence of domestic production for caseins and their related products, the manufacture of which had been dominated by international suppliers until very recently.

ADPI recently announced public access to all of its ingredient standards. ADPI urges all producers, marketers, traders, and end users of dairy ingredients to adopt and adhere to its ingredient standards to promote consistency and to facilitate commerce, both domestically and internationally.

All ADPI Ingredient Standards can be found on the Institute’s website in the Ingredient Resource Center and may be downloaded in PDF format for ongoing use and future reference.

For additional information regarding ADPI Ingredient Standards, please contact Andy Powers, ADPI Vice President of Technical Services.

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