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Announcing Enhanced Certified Reference Standards

ELMHURST, IL – ADPI announces the completed renovation of our Certified Reference Standards, providing improved nonfat dry milk materials to the global dairy industry for use in the calibration and verification of critical laboratory methods.

As an element of the substantial improvements, we are pleased to broaden our existing partnership with Eurofins DQCI for the production and distribution of these ADPI Certified Reference Standards. This partnership enables us to increase our service level in several meaningful ways, continuing to provide laboratory-quality reference standard materials but with expanded testing parameters, in improved packaging, and delivered in a timely, reliable manner both domestically and internationally. The enhanced standards continue to provide certified reference values for whey protein nitrogen (WPN), both for the low heat and high heat variants of nonfat dry milk, while expanding to include certified values for protein content and for total moisture. This expanded list of analytical parameters is automatically included on the Eurofins Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every set of standards.

New ADPI Certified Reference Standards for Nonfat Dry Milk (Low Heat Standard Shown)

Updated packaging incorporates key features to improve utility: the container itself can be readily re-closed; is made of easily recyclable materials; provides a unique lot code and “valid until” date to support traceability and timely use; and includes a QR code on the label for convenient retrieval of the associated Eurofins COA. The label is also color-coded to provide clear distinction between the low heat and high heat powder variants at a glance. Orders are processed by ADPI and shipped by Eurofins every week, allowing for consistent and timely delivery to the customer.  We will continue to offer these standards to the entire global dairy industry, with established flat-rate pricing per set for ADPI member and non-member companies, not just within the United States but internationally. Visit the ADPI website to place an order (under the Resources & Services drop-down menu). For information about our other Eurofins partnership service, the ADPI Proficiency Testing Program, or with any other questions or comments, please contact Andy Powers, ADPI’s Vice President of Technical Services, at (630) 530-8700 x222 or

About ADPI: The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI), an international trade association, is the dairy industry’s go-to resource for dairy ingredient standards, training resources, and other goods and services provided for our member companies and for the global dairy industry. Visit our website today at for more information on industry and member benefits.

About our partner: Eurofins DQCI has become the premier Dairy Laboratory Service Company in North America. They established their excellent industry reputation over the past 85 years by providing accurate and timely analytical results and through recommendations by their thousands of satisfied customers globally. They continue to flourish by satisfying their customers with four locations in the United States. Eurofins DQCI is the main supplier of Certified Reference Material for the U.S. Dairy Industry, and with this announcement they will now be supplying ADPI customers with excellent, high-quality Certified Reference Standards and order fulfillment. Visit their website today at

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