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Karen Smith, PhD

K. Smith Consulting
Madison, WI 53718 USA


Areas of Expertise

Use of membrane systems, crystallizers, refiners, evaporators and dryers to produce whey, permeate, lactose and milk and whey protein concentrates. Training on dairy chemistry and processing. Applied research related to dairy ingredients

Karen Smith, PhD recently retired from the Center for Dairy Research-Madison, WI, where she helped develop, organize and taught short courses for the Center and individual companies. Karen worked on applied research projects in areas of membrane processing of acid whey and drying differences based on type of whey.  She also developed reference materials for the dairy industry on topics such as the Dry Dairy Ingredient Handbook, Annatto and Color Removal, and Dust Fires and Explosions.  Prior to her time at CDR, Karen held positions with Schreiber Foods, Dietrich‘s Milk Products and Wisconsin Whey.

Karen’s expertise is in dairy processing and troubleshooting especially as it relates to the use of membrane systems, evaporators and dryers in the production of dairy ingredients. She has experience in the production of lactose, whey protein concentrates and milk protein concentrates.

She holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Food Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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