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Michael Culhane, PhD

Dairy Advance Business Consulting LLC
Monroe, WI 53566 USA


Areas of Expertise

Business Development Services based on extensive selling experience in global markets; In Depth Technical Knowhow, thorough knowledge of domestic and international dairy industry systems, background in managing innovation and growth for specialty ingredient products.

Michael Culhane, PhD is the owner of Dairy Advance Business Consulting LLC and has over 30 years of industry experience. Established in 2005, Dairy Advance has completed a large portfolio of projects including feasibility studies, strategy development assignments, business plan implementations, finding investors, conducting in-depth market analysis, and delivering business innovation.

In addition to a decade and a half of consulting experience, Michael’s expertise is based on eighteen years in dairy business management including positions with budget responsibility and frontline engagement with customers in global markets. Starting as a marketing manager, he became executive vice president and president at Glanbia’s U.S. ingredient division and directed business through several major stages of expansion. His experience includes handling both commodity business growth and specialty innovation such as managing market development of Alpha Lactalbumin and the very first microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate to be introduced.

Michael combines experienced insight concerning technical and commercial requirements across key sectors like nutrition, infant formula, and food ingredients to deliver informed perspectives and recommendations for business development and innovation. 

Michael Culhane received his B.Sc. in Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Ph.D. in nutrition from University College Dublin in Ireland.

Michael has served on ADPI’s Center of Excellence since 2017 and is active in various ADPI events and activities.



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