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Phil Plourd

Blimling and Associates, Inc.
Madison, WI 53718 USA


Areas of Expertise

Dairy Ingredient Market Analysis, Research, Forecasting & Risk Mitigation Strategies

Phil Plourd is President of Blimling and Associates, Inc. and on the senior leadership team at He has been involved in dairy market analysis, research, forecasting and risk mitigation activities for 20+ years. Phil draws on that experience to lead an expert team committed to helping clients find better ways to do business. 

He is a popular speaker who engages audiences on a variety of topics and is actively engaged in various ADPI events and activities.
Phil resides near Madison, Wisconsin with wife Rhonda and daughters Rebecca and Leah. He is currently on the board of directors of the Madison Public Library Foundation as well as the Nakoma Foundation. 

Phil has served on ADPI’s Center of Excellence for a number of years.



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