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Dairy Contrary . . How will the Future Go?

By Blake Anderson, ADPI President & CEO

I recently had the good fortune to travel from the inferno of California’s Central Valley to the upper Midwest’s more temperate City of Chicago, and received a complimentary flight status upgrade on the early morning flight.

The trip was already a Win/Win in my mind when yet another “Win” materialized as we approached 10k feet over the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. The flight attendant, smiling and pleasant, asked if I cared for the “breakfast plate/tray” of the day and with low expectations, hunger and hope, I said yes indeed!

Much to my surprise, a “proper breakfast” was soon before me and with a hot cup of coffee.

Why was it a “proper” breakfast you may be wondering? If you’ve traveled by plane in the recent past, I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to the “pandemic pretzels” breakfast fare as have I.

The third win, or Trifecta for the trip was a tray of a nutritious and balanced breakfast fare consisting of:

Corn Flakes
8 oz carton of 2% milk (UHT)
cheese tray (Cheddar & Gouda)
Croissant and real butter.
My faith in humanity and airline travel was enhanced as I enjoyed it all, and especially the three dairy products derived from milk.

By the way, I had a fourth dairy product in the real Half & Half in my cup of Joe, so it wasn’t a Trifecta, but a Grand Slam!

So, what a great day I thought, as we descended towards Chicago’s O’Hare airport! No matter what else was to come, life was good and it was again affirmed that “simple pleasures are the best!”

I have a late-night return flight in a week or so, and am hopeful that history repeats, and perhaps an ice cream before landing?

Hey, If we have nothing else, we always have Hope!

Onward- bring on the day!

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