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Dry Buttermilk Product

Dry Buttermilk Product (DBMP) is the product resulting from the removal of water from liquid buttermilk derived from the churning of butter. It shall contain not less than 4.5% milkfat and not more than 5% moisture. Dry buttermilk product contains less than 30% protein, the label of which should specify the minimum protein content.

It may not contain, or be derived from, NDM, dry whey or products other than buttermilk and contains no added preservative, neutralizing agent or other chemical.

DBMP for human consumption complies with all provisions of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

ADPI members can access all product standards information through the “Ingredients Resource Center for Members.”

DBMP shall possess a uniform cream to light brown color and be free from lumps except those that break up readily under slight pressure. The reliquefied product shall have a sweet and pleasing flavor and shall have no unnatural or offensive flavors.

Applications include bakery products, frozen desserts, dry mixes, beverages, dairy products, frozen foods, salad dressings and snack foods.

Product should be stored and shipped in a cool, dry environment with temperatures below 80ºF and relative humidity below 65%. Stocks should be rotated and utilized within 6-9 months. 

Multiwall kraft bags with polyethylene inner liner or other approved closed container – i.e., “tote bins,” etc.



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