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Milk Whey Protein

Milk Whey Protein is obtained from bovine milk or skim milk by the removal of casein and non-protein constituents from milk so that the finished dry product contains not less than 25% protein. It is obtained by microfiltration and/or chromatography of milk or skim milk and may be preceded or followed by ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, evaporation, dialysis, or any other safe and suitable process in which all or part of the lactose, minerals and moisture may be removed. Products cannot be produced through any process or combination of processes that include enzymatic coagulation of protein and/or acid precipitation of protein in bovine milk or skim milk.

Milk Whey Protein products with a protein content less than 89.5% protein are referred to as Whey Milk Protein Concentrates (or mWPC).

Milk Whey Protein products with a protein content ≥89.5% protein on a dry matter basis are referred to as Milk Whey Protein Isolates (or mWPI).

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Milk Whey Protein is cream in color with a bland or clean flavor. Since this ingredient is filtered directly from milk and has very little fat, it has a very clear appearance when reconstituted.  Unlike a cheese-derived whey protein, which has flavors from the cheese cultures, this ingredient has a very clean flavor. 

Applications include general sports, adults or medical protein supplement, protein functionality for gelation (yogurts, pudding), whipping (topping and filling), water-binding (meat, sausage), and emulsification (ice cream, margarine, mayonnaise).

Product should be stored and shipped in a cool, dry environment with temperatures below 80°F and relative humidity below 65%. Stocks should be rotated and utilized within 1–2 years.

Multiwall kraft bags with polyethylene inner liner or other suitable closed container – i.e., “tote bins”, etc.



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