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Numidia Inc.

Numidia is a company specialized in the distribution, sales and marketing of dairy products and related ingredients. Numidia has a dynamic and multilingual team with more than 55 people worldwide. We have built a strong network around the globe, enabling us to provide all our partners with solid market information, contract reliability and technical knowledge. Numidia BV was established in the Netherlands. Over the years we have opened offices in Singapore, Australia, and Uruguay. In 2017 we have founded Numidia Inc., our US division based out of Dallas. Our domestic strategy is to market and supply US dairy ingredients to food manufacturing and distribution companies globally with a focus on: Nonfat Dry Milk Milk Protein Concentrates, Sweet Whey, Whey Protein Concentrates, Permeate / lactose, Ingredients (Blends, Fat filled), Cheese, Milk fat products, Butter, Derivatives and Risk management, Quality and efficiency are the main drivers in all our processes, systems and ways of working. We have a highly trained staff of specialists in sourcing, quality assurance and logistics. We are always searching for ways to improve and increase efficiency for our partners.

Bank of America Plaza 901 Main Street, Suite 6570
Dallas, TX USA


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