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Osage Food Products

Osage Food Products is a broad line ingredient supply company offering a wide range of ingredients to the food and feed industry. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience including experience in production, distribution, product development and sales.Our primary ingredient focus is in dairy industry. We offer a wide range of functional milk protein products, protein blends and related protein products for the food and nutrition industries. Osage also supplies cheese and milk fat products as well as a variety of custom manufactured dairy products for various applications. Products offered include: o Milk Protein Concentrate 70% & 80%o Milk Protein Isolateso Acid Caseino Rennet Caseino Calcium Caseinateo Sodium Caseinateo Micellar Casein o Whey Protein Concentrate 80 % o Whey Protein Isolateo Whey Protein Hydrolysates o Lactoseo Whey Permeateo Whey Powdero Milk Permeateo WPC 34%o Whole Milko Skim Milk Powder o All Dairy Nonfat Dried Milk Replacerso All Dairy Whole Milk Replacerso Buttermilk Productso Skim Milk Replacerso Ice Cream Blendso Yogurt Powdero Sour Cream Powder o Cheddaro Mozzarellao Swisso Processed Cheeseo Cheese Sauceo Imitation Cheeseo Imitation and natural cheese blendso Shredded and diced available

PO Box 743 120 West Main St., Suite 200 Washington Missouri USA


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