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Schenck Process

Schenck Process is a complete global source of highly accurate dry powder pneumatic conveying, mixing, blending, milling, sifting, weighing and feeding systems with additional expertise in dust collection. For the dairy industry, Schenck Process supplies a full line of hygienic products that either are approved or conform to 3-A standards which includes bulk solids feeders, dust collectors, bag dumps, filter receivers, sifters and airlocks. The Schenck Process manufacturing plant located in Whitewater, Wisconsin is a completely dedicated stainless steel production facility with the sole purpose of providing high-end hygienic products and systems. As a global supplier, Schenck Process is able to offer sales, service and manufacturing facilities to customers in every corner of the world.

800-821-2476 / 816-891-9300
7901 NW 107th Terrace
Kansas City, MO USA
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