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Tatua USA Ltd.

Tatua is a co-operative company. The 109 shareholder farmers who supply milk to Tatua are all located within 12 kilometers of the manufacturing facilities. This small tightly-knit supply base allows for careful control over milk quality and the ability to ensure a consistently fresh milk source. A total of 190 million liters of milk is processed at Tatua per year. From this raw milk, Tatua manufactures a wide range of dairy ingredients, dairy flavour ingredients, specialty nutritional products, bionutrients, and foodservice and consumer products, of which 94% are exported worldwide. Tatua's Ingredients business works in close collaboration with key customers to supply premium high-quality specialised dairy ingredients for use in global food manufacture. We work in partnership with customers to tailor products to specific requirements wherever possible. Our products offer superior flavour and functionality for a wide variety of food applications including caseinate, whey protein concentrates, anhydrous milk fat Drawing from our experience selling dairy ingredients on the global market, and close collaborative partnerships with our customers worldwide, we have developed a core range of flavour ingredients. These include Butter, Cream & Milk, Cheese and Custom designed flavours. This range can be used for initial evaluation and we have the ability to develop new products and contract manufacture a range of dairy based ingredients to meet your specific needs. Tatua's Specialty Nutritionals division has a proven track record in developing and manufacturing a broad range of dairy protein hydrolysates, bioactive proteins like Lactoferrin and phospholipid fat products for the specialized food and functional supplement markets around the world. The specialty nutritionals team regularly provide value to customers through innovative and collaborative development of new and often complex dairy ingredients. Utilizing extensive protein expertise and a flexible modern facility Tatua will deliver quality solutions at an affordable overall cost. Tatua offers a standard range of protein hydrolysates from bovine casein and whey, a range of bioactive proteins like lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and other co isolate proteins as well as phospholipid powders.

+1 484-954-3080
3800 Sierra Circle, #205
Center Valley, PA USA


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