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Focus on Dairy Ingredients: Health & Wellness

Spotlighting Dairy's Role in Health & Wellness

More and more research is highlighting dairy’s strong and specific role in health and wellness. While fluid milk and typical shelf products are top of mind for consumers, utilizing specific dairy ingredients can give food scientists and product developers (and even chefs) great ideas for increasing protein, decreasing sugar and making products more nutritious. ADPI offers many resources for those in the food and beverage industry to utilize dairy ingredients at the highest level. From training on specific nutritional information and how dairy plays a role in pediatric and senior health, to utilizing our NEW functionality and composition guide, below are various resources to help promote and utilize dairy ingredients to support health and wellness at all ages and stages in life.

NEW Dairy Ingredient Application Guide

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A Spotlight on Ingredient Powerhouses for Health & Wellness

Focusing on the functional benefits of these nutrient dense products are a great way to think about dairy’s increasing importance in providing sustainable nutrition.

  • Complete Protein featuring all essential amino acids
  • Fast-acting protein
  • Bland, clean flavor allows it to be useful in a variety of applications
  • Can be an incredible source of protein for growing children and adolescents, useful for building muscle for women post-child bearing and for athletes, and can help aid in the regulation of blood sugar in diabetics
  • Complete Protein that is low in lactose
  • Sourced directly from milk to concentrate high proteins
  • Can yield optimal results in muscle-mass gain
  •  Utilitarian use in many foods serving as emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners, all while adding protein
  • Utilizing the natural sugar in milk called lactose, permeate becomes a unique ingredient to replace sugars and oils
  • Can reduce salt in formulated products and added benefits in fermentation
  • High source of lactose (sugars) and minerals

Check out some fun, high-protein recipes
to utilize WPC and MPC at home!

Dairy Nutrition Basics

Presenter: Matt Pikosky, PhD, RD, Vice President of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council

Use of Dairy Ingredients in Food Applications: Pediatric & Senior Health and Wellness Products

Presenter: David Clark, PhD, Owner of Bovina Mountain Consulting

Milkfat Research: Emerging Evidence

Presenter: Moises Torres Gonzalez, PhD, VP of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council

Need expert advice?

For ADPI members: take advantage of our Center of Excellence! If you have specific nutritional questions, reach out to one of our subject matter experts today for consulting. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Human Nutrition
  • Dairy Nutrition
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Areas of Expertise:

  • Functionality and Applications (infant, medical and sports nutrition)
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Business Strategy and Development

Areas of Expertise:

  • Dairy Ingredient Functionality and Applications
  • Training and Education Program Design and Development


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