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Dairy’s Role in Health & Wellness

Dairy Nutrition Basics

We are making this specific session from our popular Dairy Ingredients 360 Training Course FREE and accessible from July – September as we focus on dairy’s role in health and nutrition. For best viewing, click on the video below and put it into full screen mode.

Presenter: Matt Pikosky, PhD, RD, Vice President of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council; Member of the Center of Excellence

  • Understand the primary nutrition & health benefits of dairy foods
  • Define what is meant by protein quality and what unique attributes of dairy proteins enable it to be the highest quality protein available
  • Identify the primary consumer wellness territories where dairy proteins have been shown to deliver benefits
  • Understand the multifactorial nature of sustainability and how dairy is sustainable

Run time: 1 hr, 17 min

More Nutrition-Focused Sessions in the Dairy Ingredients 360 Training Course

The Dairy Ingredients 360 Training Course covers a comprehensive view of the dairy ingredients industry, from farm to fork. Participants receive 36 hours of educational content from dairy industry subject matter experts.

Registration is open for our Fall Semester of the Training Course!  If you are interested in having access to the full 36 hours of course content, consider enrolling in the Fall semester by clicking on Register Now

Use of Dairy Ingredients in Food Applications: Pediatric & Senior Health and Wellness Products

Presenter: David Clark, PhD, Owner of Bovina Mountain Consulting; Member of the Center of Excellence

  • Define pediatric and senior nutrition market segmentation
  • Identify drivers of growth in these market segments
  • Appreciation of regulation, risks and barriers to entry
  • Knowledge of key characteristics of dairy ingredients that make them crucial to products in pediatric and senior nutrition
  • Understand how pediatric and senior nutrition products are formulated
  • Awareness of recent innovations, trends & threats to dairy in these segments
Milkfat Research: Emerging Evidence

Presenter: Moises Torres Gonzalez, PhD, VP of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council

  • Saturated fat recommendations
  • State of the Science on LDL-Cholesterol, Saturated Fat and CVD
  • Whole-Milk dairy foods, dairy fat and cardiometabolic health
  • Dairy food matrix
  • Evolving dietary recommendations on saturated fat and dairy foods


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