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Core Courses: For Summer Interns

Training Resources for Summer Intern Programs

Kicking Off for Summer 2024

High-quality training to support the education of the future workforce for the dairy ingredients industry

ADPI’s goal has long been to be the resource for organizations in the dairy ingredients industry for training, education, and development resources.

Utilizing our core training course, Dairy Ingredients 360, we are excited to launch a program geared to support your summer intern programs to provide a deeper understanding of the dairy industry. 

This is a member-only benefit: There are two options for ADPI member organizations to engage in these additional training resources. To sign-up for Summer 2024, please contact VP of Membership & Communications Beth Holcomb via email or 630.530.8700 x228.

Option 1: NO COST Access to Two Hours of Training

Online access to Module 1.1 (approximately two hours of training) from our DI360 Training Course:

Overview of Dairy Ingredients
Session Objectives:

  • Basic composition of milk
  • Products/ingredients made from milk/whey
  • Farm to Fork – Cheese and whey
  • Ingredients produced from milk/whey
  • How ingredients are utilized
  • Basics of exported ingredients

Milk Production, Composition & Quality (Intro to Dairy Chemistry Terms)
Session Objectives:

  • Understand how milk composition changes
  • Basic chemistry and structure of milk
  • How enzymes work
  • What is denaturation
  • Basic dairy microbiology
  • Importance of spores and biofilms

Both courses are taught by Center of Excellence member, Karen Smith, Owner of K.Smith Consulting.

Access to the training sessions will require an ADPI member log-in. To sign-up for Summer 2024, please contact VP of Membership & Communications Beth Holcomb via email or 630.530.8700 x228.

Option 2: $500 for Access to 12 Hours of Training and more

Online access to up to 12 hours of training, selected and customized by your organization, from the 36 sessions currently offered in the 2024 Spring Semester DI360 Training Course:

  • Selecting up to 12 hours customizes the training package to your organization’s needs (see links below to full course content and objectives)
  • For up to 12 interns: Each intern will receive an individual log-in to participate in the training sessions in ADPI’s e-learning platform
  • As part of the online course, each participant will take quizzes following each session and participation can be tracked

Module 1: Origin, Composition, Processes, Basic Properties (View Sessions)

Module 2: Functionality, Use & Product Applications (View Sessions)

Module 3: Addressing a Competitive Marketplace (View Sessions)

In order to participate in the customized option for Summer 2024, please contact VP of Membership & Communications Beth Holcomb via email or 630.530.8700 x228.



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