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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

8418 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI USA

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Wisconsin dairy farmers are busy feeding the world. They don’t have time to worry about marketing on top of everything else they do. That’s why they pooled their dollars way back in 1983 to create Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW), whose job it is to develop markets for their best-in-the-world dairy products. That’s an important task, but our cause is even bigger than that.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin exists to help these family businesses thrive because they – and the fruits of their labors – represent the essence of what Wisconsin is all about. Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland for a reason: we do dairy better than anyone. That identity is our birthright – it’s central to who we are and it defines how the rest of the world sees us.

As the Dairy Industry goes, so goes Wisconsin. Dairy isn’t just a key economic engine of the state and it’s not just the beating heart of Wisconsin – the Dairy Industry IS Wisconsin. Every carton of milk, stick of butter, cup of yogurt or wedge of world-class cheese we export is a kind of ambassador, shorthand for the people and values that make Wisconsin the special place that it is.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is here to make a difference in the financial lives of the farmers we represent, and we are here to be tireless advocates for the attention and respect Wisconsin’s dairy products deserve. What we do here matters – a lot – both to the dairy farmers we are privileged to work for and to the reputation and well-being of the state that we all call home.

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