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Pentair, Inc.

Industriestraße 7
Riesbürg, The Netherlands

Pentair, Inc.

Powerful Dairy & Food Solutions

In an increasingly competitive industry unsettled by a CO2 supply crisis, rising demand for raw materials and soaring wholesale gas prices, food producers desire sustainable solutions to improve their resilience. Pentair partners with food processors to help conquer these pressures through our Smart, Sustainable Dairy & Food Solutions, coupled with our dedicated service support. Pentair Dairy & Food Solutions > Hygienic & Aseptic Process Valve Solutions > Dairy Membrane Technology > Water Treatment Solutions > Biogas Upgrading > Dedicated Service Variety you can relish A growing product portfolio is vital to answering market demands. Pentair makes hygienic food production agility possible by simplifying manufacturing and improving process efficiencies. Sustainable future To ensure we can continue to feed and nourish the world with the lowest potential impact on our natural resources, Pentair helps food producers by focusing on minimizing energy, water and raw material consumption. Dedicated support The dependability of dedicated service support means more time and resources directed toward where they should be, creating food to nourish a rapidly growing planet. We set the standard in process technology so you can set the standard in quality products.

Contract Manufacturing: Hygenic Process Valve Technology for the Dairy Industry: For OEM’s and contract manufacturers installing manifolds, piping and valves in dairy processing plants, Pentair Südmo offers various Hygienic Liquid Process Valves and solutions: -Single Seat Valves -Double Seat Valves -Butterfly and Ball Valves -Control Systems for Valves -Control Valves -Manifolds Filtration & Separation Technology Hollow-fiber membrane modules from Pentair X-Flow are developed for various applications such as: -protein separation for skimmed milk (casein-whey separation) -Industrial Wastewater treatment Pentair X-Flow membrane technology is also used in industrial wastewater treatment. The membrane modules are designed to meet the desired specifications of (industrial) wastewater to either reuse the wastewater or for disposal.

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