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RELCO, A Kovalus Company

2331 3rd Ave SW, PO Box 1689
Willmar, MN USA

RELCO, A Kovalus Company

RELCO is a leading engineering and manufacturing company specializing in providing advanced equipment for the dairy industry. Our products include spray dryers, evaporators, cheese making equipment, dairy filtration, and powder handling solutions. We offer complete solutions, ensuring seamless processes and high-quality products for our customers. Additionally, we conduct site audits and provide expert recommendations to improve operational efficiencies.

Contract Manufacturing: RELCO designs and manufactures cutting-edge spray dryers, evaporators, cheese making equipment, dairy filtration systems, and powder handling systems. Our end-to-end approach, covers everything from conceptualization to installation, coupled with dedicated service and readily available aftermarket parts. We offer tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and personalized support makes us the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-notch equipment and services in the dairy sector.

Pilot Plant Facility: RELCO specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the dairy industry. We offer services in small-scale pilot spray drying, allowing clients to test and refine their products effectively. Our expertise extends to pilot and lab dairy filtration, ensuring the quality and purity of dairy items. We have a dedicated research and development team that collaborates closely with clients to innovate and optimize processes, staying in line with industry standards. Additionally, we excel in ion exchange technologies, offering tailored solutions to enhance product quality and efficiency. With our wide range of services, we cater to businesses seeking expertise in dairy research, development, and production.

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