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Tetra Pak Inc.

801 Kingsley Street
Winsted, MN USA

Tetra Pak Inc.

For more than 60 years, Tetra Pak has delivered innovations that make our customers’ businesses more profitable and provide customers all over the world with safe, affordable food. Using Tetra Pak proven technology, we offer a complete portfolio of equipment for both processing and packaging for a broad array of products, from cheese, dairy and ice cream, to beverages, prepared foods and cosmetics. We supply complete systems for processing, packaging and distribution, designed to optimize the use of resources and get the most out of your raw ingredients. Our processing systems are not only developed to treat the products gently, but also to minimize the use of raw materials and energy during manufacture and subsequent distribution. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and to enhancing the environmental performance of our products and solutions. From raw material intake to your final packing process, we deliver the best engineering, equipment, processes and automated control to suit your needs.

Pilot Plant Facility: Pilot facility located in Europe to test and produce a wide range of different powder products with short or limited run times or capacities.

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